Open Access Indonesian Journal of Medical Reviews 2024-04-30T00:00:00+00:00 HM Publisher Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Open Access Indonesian Journal of Medical Reviews (OAIJMR)&nbsp;</strong>is a bi-monthly, international, peer-review, and open access journal dedicated to various disciplines of medicine, biology and life sciences. The journal publishes all type of review articles, narrative review, meta-analysis, systematic review, mini-reviews and book review. <strong>OAIJMR</strong> is an official journal of&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">CMHC (Research &amp; Sains Center)</a>&nbsp;and &nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">HM Publisher</a>. <strong>OAIJMR</strong> has <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">electronic ISSN (eISSN) : 2807-6257</a>. <strong>OAIJMR</strong> has <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">International ISSN (ROAD) : 2807-6257</a>.</p> Smartphone Application for Self-Care in Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients with Contextual Learning Model 2024-02-27T03:22:29+00:00 Winanda Rizki Bagus Santosa Nisha Nambiar Erlina Abdullah Sheylla Septina Margaretta <p>Type-2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is an emergency problem that can cause death and disability worldwide. By using contextual learning models, smartphone applications can be an innovative solution for improving self-care and health condition management. This research aims to know the effectiveness of smartphone applications for self-care in type-2 diabetes mellitus patients with contextual learning models. Pre-test and post-test control group design was used by researchers. The study was conducted in the period October 2<sup>nd</sup>, 2023 - January 2<sup>nd</sup>, 2024. The number of samples collected using the G Power formula was 110 intervention groups and 110 control groups. To select samples, researchers used a purposive sampling method. This research involved T2DM patients treated at nine Health Centers in Kediri, Indonesia. In the smartphone application educational intervention group with the contextual learning model, there was an increase in self-care from a mean of 43,03 to 81,53, and a p-value result of 0,008 was obtained. In the control group using the booklet, there was an increase in self-care from a mean of 37,19 to 52,62, and a p-value result of 0,000 was obtained. Smartphone applications with contextual learning models are more effective in improving self-care than education using booklets; however, both types of education can improve self-care in T2DM.</p> 2024-02-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) Cytotoxic Activities and Expression of Protein p53 and Bcl-2 Extract and Fraction of Inggu Leaf (Ruta angustifolia [L.] Pers) to T47D Breast Cancer Cells 2024-03-05T05:38:36+00:00 Mia Ariasti Titik Sunarni Wiwin Herdwiani <p>Inggu leaves are plants that have been traditionally used as an alternative to cancer treatment. The aim of this study was to determine the cytotoxic activity of extracts, water fraction, ethyl acetate fraction and inggu leaf n-hexane fraction (<em>Ruta angustifolia</em> [L.] Pers) on T47D cells and to determine the effect of protein expression of P53 and Bcl-2 genes on inggu leaf active fraction (<em>Ruta angustifolia</em> [L.] Pers). Extract was obtained through maceration method with ethanol 96% solvent. Ethanol extract was then fractionated with liquid-liquid partition. Cytotoxic tests were performed using T47D breast cancer cells and Vero cells with the MTT assay test method and read the absorbance on ELISA reader. To determine the effect of expression of p53 and Bcl-2, an immunocytochemistry test was carried out. The results showed that the n-hexane extract and fraction of inggu &nbsp;leaves had cytotoxic activity against T47D breast cancer cells with IC<sub>50</sub> values of 54,210 and 84,118 µg/mL, while the fraction of water and ethyl acetate fractions had no cytotoxic activity with IC<sub>50</sub> value &gt; 100 µg / ml. Inggu &nbsp;leaf extract<em> (Ruta angustifolia</em> [L.] Pers) is able to increase the expression of p53 and inhibit the expression of Bcl-2 at concentrations of 30,19-45,54 µg/mL and n-hexane fraction can increase the expression of p53 and can inhibit the expression of Bcl-2 at concentration 49,96-75,82 µg/mL.</p> 2024-03-05T05:38:36+00:00 Copyright (c) Evaluation of the Implementation of Pharmaceutical Service Standards at the Keerom District Health Center, Indonesia 2024-03-15T03:43:13+00:00 Farhan Imba Wiwin Herdwiani Tri Wijayanti <p>Pharmaceutical services are an integral part of health services that focus on optimizing drug use to achieve optimal therapeutic results. Regulation of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia Number 73 of 2016 concerning Pharmaceutical Service Standards at Health Centers is a reference in providing quality pharmaceutical services. This study aims to evaluate the implementation of pharmaceutical service standards at the Keerom District Health Center. This research uses a descriptive method. Data was collected through questionnaires and observation sheets at 6 Health Centers in Keerom District. Data were analyzed using SPSS to calculate percentages and average values. The research results show that the level of implementation of pharmaceutical service standards at the Keerom District Health Center is in the good category with an average value of 78-84%. The categories with the highest scores are the pharmaceutical preparation management category (84%) and the drug information services category (82%). The category with the lowest score is the quality assurance category (78%). In conclusion, the overall implementation of pharmaceutical service standards at the Keerom District Health Center has reached the good category. Improvement efforts need to be made in several categories, such as quality assurance, to achieve optimal pharmaceutical services.</p> 2024-03-15T03:40:43+00:00 Copyright (c) The Potential of Parijoto Fruit Extract Fraction (Medinilla speciosa Blume) as Antibiofilm against Staphylococcus aureus Bacteria 2024-03-21T02:39:58+00:00 Luthfiana Nurulin Nafi’ah Ismi Rahmawati Titik Sunarni <p>Parijoto fruit extract (<em>Medinilla speciosa</em> Blume) contains flavonoids, saponins, tannins, and terpenoids and has antibacterial potential in inhibiting the growth of <em>Staphylococcus aureus</em> bacteria. <em>S. aureus</em> bacteria are bacteria that are capable of forming biofilms. This research aims to determine the potential of extracts and fractions (water, ethyl acetate, and n-hexane) in inhibiting the formation and degradation of <em>S. aureus</em> biofilms. Parijoto fruit was extracted using the maceration method with 96% ethanol solvent. The extract was fractionated using a liquid-liquid partition technique with water, ethyl acetate, and n-hexane as solvents. The antibiofilm activity test against the <em>S. aureus</em> bacteria ATCC 25923 was carried out by treatment inhibiting biofilm formation and biofilm degradation. The method is to read absorbance using a microplate reader with a wavelength of 595 nm. Optical density results to calculate IC<sub>50 </sub>and EC<sub>50</sub> values. The results showed that the extract and fractions (water, ethyl acetate, and n-hexane) had the potential to inhibit the formation and degradation of <em>S. aureus</em> bacterial biofilms. The IC<sub>50</sub> of biofilm inhibition in the extract, water fraction, ethyl acetate, and n-hexane against <em>S. aureus</em> bacteria was 2.51; 1.03; 1.10; 1.52 mg/ml. The EC<sub>50</sub> value of the biofilm degradation test on the extract, water fraction, ethyl acetate, and n-hexane against <em>S. aureus</em> bacteria was 1.03; 1.17; 1.37; 1.88 mg/ml. The most active fraction of parijoto fruit (Medinilla specosa Blume) in inhibiting and degrading <em>S. aureus</em> bacterial biofilms is the water fraction.</p> 2024-03-21T02:39:58+00:00 Copyright (c) Analysis of the Quality of Pharmaceutical Services at Outpatient Health Centers, East Sumba Regency, Indonesia 2024-04-03T01:15:15+00:00 Silvia Claudia Talalab Jason M. Peranginnangin Tri Wijayanti <p>Public administration services are one way to demonstrate maximum government performance in providing welfare and meeting community needs. One important sector in public services is pharmaceutical services at Health Centers. This research uses a descriptive method with a cross-sectional design. Primary data was obtained through observation, interviews and documentation. Secondary data was obtained from the 2022 Health Centers Medicine Usage Report and Request Sheet (LPLPO) and the 2021 Health Centers Drug Requirements Plan (RKO). Of the 28 indicators of the quality of pharmaceutical services, 15 of the third indicators of the Health Centers meet the standards, 10 of the third indicators of the Health Centers do not meet the standards, 1 indicators only one Health Center meets and 2 indicators only two Health Centers fulfill. Factors that influence the quality of management of pharmaceutical preparations at the East Sumba Regency outpatient Health Centers are human resources that do not come from pharmacy. The quality of pharmaceutical services at the East Sumba Regency outpatient Health Centers still needs to be improved. Pharmacists are needed as pharmaceutical personnel to maximize pharmaceutical services to the community.</p> 2024-04-03T01:15:14+00:00 Copyright (c)